Updated March 14, 2012

Goal 1 - Increase the size of the Tea Party by recruiting members

Goal 2 - Increase the political influence of the Tea Party

Goal 3 - Provide a way to call out the lies and help citizens find the facts

Goal 4 - Help the Tea Party members save America from socialism

TeaPartyRecruiter.com is a website dedicated to increasing the size and influence of the Tea Party.  We offer ideas and knowledge that we hope will help local Tea Party groups to be more successful.  Our primary goal is to help them recruit and educate more members and make it easier to point out the many lies told by politicians, newscasters and pundits to defend their policies and actions

Please check out the primary recruiting method we are suggesting, The Tea Party Nationwide Street-side Demonstration page, which will make it easy for more Tea Party supporters to send a message to the politicians and other citizens in your local community.

Also take a look at our Lie Score page idea, and see if we can force the politicians and media to tell the truth about the important issues in America.  We cannot expect voters to vote correctly with false information.

If you want to help, please check out “How You Can Help” page.


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